Dziuba returned: scored two goals against Rubin, was featured in an interview. Is this Karpin’s influence?

Artyom needed a call, he got it.

I have not seen such a charged and at the same time happy Artem Dziubu. In Kazan, he put two “Rubins”, and also made a preassist on Claudinho… And he rejoiced at his every action as if he had returned after a serious injury, broke some record or greatly upset Spartak. But none of these points fit the match in Kazan. After the game, the cameras snatched his mega-satisfied one a couple of times. First in the arms of Slutsky, then in an interview with the club’s press service.

Super game
Super game “Zenith” in Kazan. Semak outplayed Slutsky, and Dzyuba made a double

“I’m incredibly happy. Trying! The latest games are all good. I show myself, I am in good shape, I hope to continue in the same way. I’m not finishing my career yet. To score 250 in a career! So, 44 ​​more balls? Let’s dig deeper, as they say, we will suffer. There is still time – I’ll play. Insanely glad so far 206th. When I came to Zenit, there was a bar – to score the hundredth goal. When I did this, I walked around happy as I don’t know who. I thought 150 would be cool at all. Then 200! Now we need to set the bar 250. Health, God forbid, allows. And then I will try, ”the striker said.

At the same time, Sergey Semak was praising him with satisfaction. This is also an important point for the attacker. Gradually, he returns to himself attention precisely with goals and effective actions. Hence – a positive mood, jokes and ambitions for new records.

Probably all this was influenced and Karpin… They met in early August, when Artyom was in bad shape. And after Valery Georgievich did not even include him in the extended list of the national team. I guess it hurt the player. It is no coincidence that many note that it was in August that Dziuba began to aggressively work on getting back into shape. And he probably hoped for a challenge, but did not receive it.

But he got into the extended list for the October matches. But against the background of two important points: Karpin called Smolov the best forward in Russia (the most unpleasant words for Artyom) and, as if specifically at a press conference, emphasized that the inclusion of Dziuba does not guarantee him anything. I think these words influenced the striker even more. He always needs a motivator-antagonist. This story began with Karpin, and continues with him. And to all this was added a sharp answer about the national team after the game in Kazan.

“Did you get inspired by the news from Karpin? No comments. Why? You have already started not very much, “- quoted by Dziuba Metaratings.

Dzyuba and Glushakov are together again.  But how will they be in the role of spare?
Dzyuba and Glushakov are together again. But how will they be in the role of spare?

A reaction from which resentment comes through. But Karpin has repeatedly stressed that for the sake of the success of the national team he is ready for any compromises. And in her current form, she clearly needs Artyom. I hope the two grown men will find a common language.