Cheap soccer jersey or why you shouldn’t spend on one

Now the Internet is full of offers to buy football uniforms at the lowest prices. In such offers, people usually see an opportunity to save money, but few people think that a cheap football uniform is a waste of money, a lack of comfort, as well as an impractical solution that will ultimately lead to additional costs. To understand why you shouldn’t skimp on the form, let’s talk in more detail about how such a purchase can turn out.

Cons of a cheap form

When a young or not quite young football fan enters the search phrase “cheap football uniform”, he sees a large list of shops and sellers who, if you look closely at their assortment, sell practically the same product. A T-shirt, shorts and leggings of dubious quality can visually look very attractive, but if you look closely at the details, then everything immediately falls into place.


At first, cheap materials are used in a cheap form. This is logical, otherwise this form would cost normal money. Why is that bad? And the bad thing is that in most cases the synthetic fabrics used practically do not breathe. The player in them will sweat a lot and feel uncomfortable. And the feeling, familiar to everyone, when the form sticks to the body due to moisture or electrification? These are also signs of the cheapness of the materials used.

Secondly, such materials are unreliable and short-lived to use. They are easy to stretch, and also lose their shape and color after the first wash. What is worth sometimes looking at the quality of seams that have an uneven stitch, protruding or missing threads in places.

Thirdly, cheap soccer jerseys are often sewn without the use of any modern technology. Such chips as ventilation mesh, seals in places that stretch faster, reasonable placement of seams, all sorts of ties and elastic bands for fixing clothes, etc. – you can immediately forget about this. This is the lot of quality form.

What does the buyer get in the end? And he gets mostly a headache. The form is not convenient, not practical, it quickly loses its appearance and sometimes even looks stupid on the player, since it weighs on him like a curtain. All this leads to the fact that, after a short time, you have to spend money on buying a new uniform, although initially you could fork out for high-quality equipment and enjoy football, fully focusing on the game. The miser pays twice and in the case of buying a football uniform, this rule is more relevant than ever.