Cheap Shoes From Fresh Adidas Collections

When we talked to the various sports shops that sell football boots, we found that 80% of sales are budget models. In other words, buyers prefer cheap boots and only 20% are willing to spend on top models. It is clear that these 20% include professional footballers and those who want to reach a high level of play. For ordinary football fans, simple models will be enough, which will be discussed in this review.

We have made a small selection of budget models from Adidas, which can now be bought for up to 10 thousand rubles, or even much less. Of course, we considered exclusively fresh collections, therefore, as you yourself understand, the prices for new items are high there, but soon, after the release of the next new items, the models you like will drop in price and become even more affordable. Here is such a simple life hack!

Adidas Nemeziz 17.3 FG

A great cheap AGILITY MESH hard-top boot. This is such a signature textile from Adidas that has a good fit and the ability to provide good contact with the ball for control, even during intense play. The DUAL LOCK COLLAR sock is responsible for fixing the foot, which also gives stability to the ankle, protecting it from unnecessary injuries.

Adidas Nemeziz 17.3 FG

Of the other features of this model, we would note:

  • anatomical design without uvula;
  • a foot retainer in the heel area;
  • soft insole for shock absorption;
  • special spike configuration for any maneuverability on the lawn.

Adidas X 17.3 FG / AG

Relying on speed, it is beneficial to choose this particular model with extremely light weight and a set of advanced technologies for a democratic price tag. Immediately, I would like to note the material of the upper – techfit compression synthetics, which will provide a perfect fit of the foot without the need to wear out the shoes. The close-fitting material is breathable, very lightweight and has incredible elasticity, which will give natural movement and excellent ball feel.

Adidas X 17.3 FG AG

It is also important to note the following details:

  • construction without tongue and seams;
  • synthetic lining;
  • medium-height neoprene sock for ankle support;
  • solid back;
  • secure lacing.

Adidas X 17.3 AG Football Boots

Adidas Copa 17.3 FG

Despite its affordable price, the cleats are made of genuine leather and are very reliable to use. This is a modern take on the classic model with great ball feel. The soft leather upper offers superior elasticity, yet retains the rigidity of the construction, which is not lost even after intensive use of the shoe. Special attention should be paid to the configuration of the TOTAL CONTROL studs, where the stake was placed on the player’s maneuverability at high speeds.

Adidas Copa 17.3 FG

It is one of the most reliable boots today when looking at extremely cheap boots. The classic shape with an elongated tongue looks very relevant even today and does not lose comfort to modern models.

Adidas ACE 17.3 FG

For its price tag, this is a very technologically advanced model that is definitely worth paying attention to. The highlight of these boots is the 3D Control Skin upper, which literally sticks to the ball and provides an adaptive fit for the foot. The synthetic material is breathable and, most importantly, does not require prior wear. Shod and immediately ready to play!

Adidas ACE 17.3 FG

Other technological features worth noting:

  • seamless top without tongue;
  • slightly elongated neoprene sock for fixing the ankle;
  • TOTAL CONTROL cleat configuration;
  • solid back;
  • soft shock-absorbing insole;
  • synthetic lining.

Adidas ACE 17.3 FG Football Boots

On this, perhaps, we will stop. If you still have not been able to make the right choice, then wait for our next selection of budget models of boots from famous brands. Stay in touch and we will economically equip you for an effective game!