Athlete Recovery: 10 Ways To Recover From Exercise

Football players who want to quickly get in shape or achieve their sports goals often pay maximum attention to the training process, forgetting about rest. Many people think that the more often and more intensely they train, the closer they will become to the cherished result and good physical shape. However, the recovery process, in fact, like the training process itself, are of the same importance and all experienced trainers or doctors talk about this.

Today we will talk about the recovery of athletes and give ten practical tips that will help you quickly get back in shape after heavy physical exertion. The recommendations below are universal and will work for all athletes, regardless of the sport they choose.

Attention! Our article is of a recommendation nature, so it is better to consult with your trainer or doctor, since each organism is individual and what works for one may not work for another.


In other words, it can be called a hitch. It is just as important as a warm-up. The muscles should cool down within 5-10 minutes after intense exertion, for which it is necessary to reduce the intensity and allow the muscles and the body to relax. This will help remove lactic acid from the muscles, which is essential when the goal is to recover as quickly as possible.

Fluid balance

The recovery efficiency of athletes directly depends on how quickly they replenish the fluid that was lost during physical activity. You need to drink before, during and always after training. Pure water supports metabolic functions, transports nutrients and monitors the overall tone of the body. If an athlete sweats a lot, he needs more fluid so as not to deplete himself.


After physical exertion, it is also important to restore the lost energy, which requires proper nutrition. Ideally, eat within an hour after training, and the diet is purely individual and depends on the tasks that you set for yourself. Here it is already necessary to consult with specialists, but it is better not to forget about protein food + complex carbohydrates, so that the muscles can not only recover, but also grow.


This item can be attached to the first, since it also refers to the hitch. Stretching is especially important for extreme strength training, where you need to quickly throw off fatigue from the muscles and maintain their elasticity.

Regular rest

Time heals is the most appropriate statement to adhere to. The body will take care of itself, just give it time for this rather difficult, but natural procedure. Complete rest will ensure natural recovery at a pace that is convenient for the body, which, as the load increases, will adapt to them and rest faster each time.


Calm, light exercise aimed at increasing blood circulation in the body is very good and beneficial. Blood transports oxygen and nutrients through tired muscles, which helps them to rest faster and get in shape.


Complete muscle relaxation can be achieved by massaging them. This is especially effective if the massage is done by an experienced specialist in this field who works with athletes.

Ice bath

When it comes to the recovery of athletes, some responds positively to taking an ice bath. It seems to us that this is effective if there are any injuries (microtraumas) or a series of too intense training / games has stood out. Otherwise, self-ice massage of tired muscles can be dispensed with. Football players, respectively, cool the legs or lower back with ice, achieving a forced effect of constriction and expansion of blood vessels. This method allows you to remove toxins and toxins, as well as to further relax the muscles.


It was possible to put this item in the first place, since it is in a dream that the body recovers as much as possible. Only sleep should be complete: at least 8 hours, not under stress and not on a full stomach. Let the body be engaged exclusively in the recovery process and nothing else. A big plus of sleep is also the production of growth hormone, which is responsible for the growth and healing of tissues.


Plan your workouts correctly, make a clear plan with your coach, who will definitely not allow you to exhaust yourself every day, even if you need quick results. Rest is the key to athletic progress, so overtraining is your main enemy, which not everyone recognizes. Usually it is the lot of beginners to exhaust themselves regularly and as much as possible, but professionals know the value of proper rest and how it positively affects their results. Be professional!

In this article, we didn’t seem to make any discoveries, we just said banal things that are often forgotten in the sports society. Know how to properly rest and relax and you will see that the results will not be long in coming.