Adidas shin guards: our selection of current models

Leg protection is still an important priority for every football player, so today we have prepared a selection for you, in which we will show the best Adidas shin guards from fresh collections in our opinion. According to the established tradition, we will choose models of different price categories, so that each of our readers can choose something for themselves regarding their financial capabilities and personal preferences.

And before we start, we want to remind you that just recently we made a similar selection, in which we showed the best models of Nike shin guards, so whoever is a fan of this brand, rate our efforts at this link. So, we proceed directly to our new collection.

Adidas x lesto

This is perhaps the cheapest model and, according to its characteristics, it is, accordingly, the simplest. These Adidas shields, despite their budget, are quite lightweight and flexible, as well as with a good shock-absorbing layer. The cushioning is made of foam covered with a synthetic lining for a comfortable feeling. Composition:

  • 95% polypropylene;
  • 5% thermoplastic molded rubber.

Adidas x lesto

And the design is nothing at all, so we consider this model to be just an excellent option for beginners and all football fans.

Adidas X Lite and X Club

These two models differ slightly in price, but we would put them on the same level. Mid-range shields have similar characteristics and similar design, so we put an equal sign between them. Both models are positioned for fast / attacking players, with a lightweight frame, anatomical shape, soft cushioning and an almost identical attachment system. Let’s go over the compositions a little.

Adidas x lite (split into right and left):

  • 100% injection molded polypropylene;
  • inside a layer of EVA material;
  • synthetic lining;
  • two fixing straps.

Adidas x lite

Adidas x club with a two-layer base (divided into right and left):

  • base: 100% molded polypropylene;
  • inner layer: 60% EVA / 35% polypropylene / 5% foam;
  • their EVA depreciation layer;
  • one velcro fastener;
  • Separate ankle protector attachable to the shin guards.

Adidas x club

We recommend that you pay special attention to these models, since they are from the middle price category and are of sufficient quality, therefore they are suitable for players of any level.

Adidas x pro

If you climb the price ladder higher, then here we are waiting for these Adidas shields with incredibly light weight, compact size, anatomical shape for the right and left legs, as well as with compression sleeves included in the set for attaching the shields. A feature of this model is the relief plates of a flexible structure, which are able to evenly distribute the load over the plane during impacts. Composition:

  • backing: 95% polypropylene / 5% thermoplastic molded rubber;
  • EVA cushioning.

Adidas x pro

Adidas x foil

Well, in fact, the very top model of the professional level. A new generation of reinforced guards with incredibly light weight. The main features of these shields are:

  • anatomical shape;
  • compact size;
  • internal adaptive polyurethane memory foam;
  • durable frame made of 100% molded polyurethane;
  • Compression sleeve for a snug, adaptive fit.

This is the case when I put on the shields and forgot about them. A very high quality model with a comfortable fit that will protect your feet in any collision. Particularly pleasing are the compression sleeves, into which the shields themselves are inserted. Everything was done with the highest quality, and the dimensions fit perfectly on the area of ​​the leg that needs to be protected. Nothing superfluous, everything is anatomically correct, so these Adidas shields are not even felt when worn.

Adidas x foil

This concludes. We have covered all price ranges: from the most budgetary to professional models. Now you have plenty to choose from, well, and we will continue to make such selections for you in order to offer you different options for your needs.