Adidas Finale Madrid Official Match Ball Review

So the ball that will be played in the Champions League final of the 2018/2019 season has been determined. Predictably, it was a ball from Adidas, but everyone was interested to look at its design, as well as the technological component. Well, let’s take a look and talk about the Adidas Finale Madrid Official Match Ball, as it will go down in history when they play the final in Madrid at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, the home arena of Atletico Madrid.

Fire design

Again we see the stars! Apparently, this “Ligochempion” design element will haunt us for a long time. I like the bright, fiery colors, which, according to the developers, are dedicated to the hot temperament of the inhabitants of the city where the final game will take place. Also, the design of the ball traces the style of the Wanda Metropolitano arena, which is also logical, since it is there that the final battle for the main club award in the European football field will take place.

Adidas Finale Madrid Official Match Ball


The Adidas Finale Madrid Official Match Ball has thermal bonding and this is quite logical for our time, when another method of joining panels is no longer quoted for games at the highest level. The surface of the ball has a textured surface for better grip, and the material itself has the best, as the developers say, water-repellent properties. That is, no weather conditions will affect the flight trajectory, which, thanks to new technologies, has been brought to almost ideal.

ball Adidas Finale Madrid Official Match Ball

The main features of this model:

  • upper material – 100% new generation polyurethane;
  • FIFA Quality Pro certification;
  • high quality butyl chamber inside;
  • completely seamless design.

Now it is difficult to say how the ball will behave on the field and how predictable it will be. Private testing by bloggers is one thing, but when the ball hits real combat conditions, it’s a completely different story. In general, we will follow the development of events and are already looking forward to the final in Madrid.