Adidas Copa Mid GTX TR Football Shoes for Wet Weather

Today we will take a closer look at one model of football sneakers that can be played not only in the rain, but also in cool weather. In the Adidas Copa Mid GTX TR, some even play in the winter on a lawn without snow, since this model can easily replace centipedes and perfectly protect feet from moisture, which will also be relevant for street football.

Immediately on the shortcomings

However, there are several disadvantages to this shoe. The first is the high price tag. It is based on a selection of the best technologies from Adidas, as well as the use of durable materials. But all the same, even with such a set, the price tag, as it seems to us, is too high and at the time of writing the review on the official website this model costs 19,000 rubles without kopecks. That amount can be bought today for top-end boots for every taste, but here are sneakers, which, in fact, have a limitation in use – damp weather, because under other weather conditions it will be more convenient to wear something simpler, and this pair will also be frankly hot …

Adidas Copa Mid GTX TR

The second negative is the high profile of the sole. Yes, this is a design feature of the Adidas Copa Mid GTX TR that allows you to additionally protect your feet from water on the field, but believe me, you will have to get used to this outsole for a long time. It feels like you’re playing on some kind of high platform or heels. Of course, you can get used to it, but on condition that you play in these crosses often. Let’s say the whole winter or autumn season.

Technologies and materials

These are the atypical soccer shoes that we are all used to when they are very lightweight, elastic and easy to walk or play football in. Here is a slightly different story, which makes this shoe specific, since the developers were faced with the task of protecting the feet from moisture and cold as much as possible, while maintaining a high sense of comfort.

adidas Copa Mid GTX TR sneakers

The Adidas Copa Mid GTX TR is comprised of the following parts and technologies:

  • block of standard sizes;
  • top material – genuine leather;
  • Fitband straps in the midfoot to keep it in place;
  • Upper construction without tongue;
  • branded embossing on the toe for better ball control;
  • lightweight waterproof lining;
  • reflective laces;
  • reinforced toe and heel;
  • loop on the back for easy shoeing;
  • inside a soft insole;
  • Durable Continental rubber outsole
  • outsole pattern – hybrid rubber spikes;
  • Boost cushioning under the heel.

Sneakers fit well on the foot, elastic toe fixes the ankle and tightly closes moisture from above. The combination of genuine leather and waterproof lining does not give a chance for water to get inside, but there is a plus and a minus of such a combo. Plus – the legs are protected from moisture, minus – they do not breathe well. Also, this upper is uncomfortable when playing in dry weather, which, as we said, makes this shoe highly specialized for playing only in bad weather.

Adidas Copa Mid GTX TR Football Shoes

And, again, the sole is high. That’s really high, even against the background of ordinary sneakers, and even more so against the background of boots. And the format of the spikes is not very clear. It limits the options for using shoes as much as possible, since with such spikes you can safely run only on artificial turf with a high pile. If the field is “bald” or there is a lot of compactor in it, then expect a loss of traction, especially if the lawn is still wet or, in general, stands in water.

Adidas Copa Mid GTX TR outsole

Verdict. The idea is good, but somehow it was not implemented for our realities. Adidas Copa Mid GTX TR in terms of quality and technology – everything is very cool, although the margin is too cosmic, but in terms of practicality, everything is very controversial. Few people will allow themselves to buy this pair for such a price tag, so that in case of rain and a suitable lawn nearby, they can go out and run several times. Although what do we consider other people’s money? Someone will buy them just for these purposes.