Adidas Copa 18.1 Semi-Pro Football Boots

Then we came across one model of boots, which aroused positive emotions in us, so we decided to tell you about it, especially since this is a recent release and it is worth learning about it. Today we will talk about the Adidas Copa 18.1 and what they are made of, what is good about them and whether there is anything bad.

As we have already indicated, we liked this new product, so we will immediately justify why this happened. And everything is quite simple – we liked their manufacturability for a relatively affordable price tag. For you to understand what we are talking about, we suggest that you go directly to the review of these boots. We will skip the visual part, since their appearance is quite attractive and modern, there are already several available colors on sale, so we will ignore this part, but rather focus more on the practicality of this model.

Let’s start as always with the upper, which in the Adidas Copa 18.1 is made from a combination of several materials. The toe area is made of kangaroo leather, which is stretched over an integrated X-Ray ribbed frame for better ball control. In general, the construction of the upper is built in such a way as to fix the foot without free zones inside, but at the same time not impede its free movement. Compression and support in the right places is the main feature of the new design, which does not weigh down the shoe at all.

So, they said for the sock, and therefore we move on. The heel area is made of a plastic insert for fixing the heel and woven material, which passes into an elongated toe. In places of maximum wear and contact with the ball, this textile material is covered with a thin layer of synthetic, which guarantees its durability and preservation of its original shape.

Let’s also outline some more very important details of the upper of the boot:

  • tongueless design;
  • central lacing system;
  • molded OrthoLite insole with antibacterial coating;
  • foam insert under the heel;
  • reinforced toe and heel.

We already knew the Adidas Copa 18.1 had a solid yet comfortable upper, but we didn’t say it was also lightweight, which, together with the Sprintframe plate construction, provides the perfect balance of lightness and durability. The plate has good flexibility, due to which part of the shock loads is absorbed, as well as a clever spike configuration for reliable contact with the lawn. We also note the presence of a special arch in the arch of the foot for additional stability.

Let’s summarize. We really liked the novelty and for its price tag it offers customers really worthwhile semi-professional level boots with a hint of a professional model. Compared to other spring releases from Adidas, which are now selling at insane price tags, this is a great option for anyone who wants to take a cool and tech novelty for a reasonable price.