7 main categories of bettors

If we take all betting fans, then they can be conditionally divided into 7 main categories. Each category of players is distinguished by its approach to business, its own way of earning money and its so-called philosophy. To understand what is at stake, we propose to separately consider all seven categories, which will help all our readers decide which of them to rank themselves in.

Bonus hunters

This type of player makes money exclusively on collecting bonuses from the bookmaker, so their main goal is to register, receive a bonus, wager it and withdraw money to their account. Such players are rarely interested in high-quality bookmaker predictions, since they bet the received bonus exactly as much as is necessary according to the rules for its withdrawal. Fortunately, now there are enough offices that, in order to attract new customers, are ready to pay new players money in order to “add” them to their excitement. This is exactly what bonus hunters use, but they don’t get into the excitement, preferring cold calculation to withdraw bonus money.


It is worth noting that for bookmakers such players are scammers and an active struggle is constantly being waged with them, in which bookmakers take the upper hand.


As you might guess from the name, surebets make money by betting on surebets, which in itself is a risky business that can only bring profits to experienced players. We have already written about this type of earnings here, so we will not delve into this topic.


Doggers are those who organize match fixing and bet either on the exact score or on the outcome of a sports meeting. As a rule, such players play for serious money and do not advertise their business, since they are in direct contact with players, referees, coaches, and so on. Anonymity and information only for their own people is the law of their earnings. Therefore, if you meet doggers on the network, and you will definitely meet hundreds of them, and even from fake accounts offering to buy a negotiated match from them, you should know that they are definitely scammers.


Leading players

In other words, this is a player who makes live bets immediately after a goal is scored. The fact is that if the scout service hesitates and does not transmit information to the office in time, it will continue to accept bets at the old odds. This is used by this type of players who are either directly at the match and make quick live bets, or have access to the instantly updated scout info.

The trick is that the bet must be placed literally in a matter of seconds, so that the bookmaker does not have time to close the lines and update the odds in them.


In short, these are betting fans who, on a paid or free basis, offer their bookmaker predictions to other betting fans. Do not confuse tappers with scammers, of whom there are a lot of them today. A true forecaster devotes a lot of time to forecasting, analyzing and studying sports events, and is also well versed in professional betting, which cannot be afforded by a scammer who simply makes up his predictions and tries to sell them to gullible or naive people.


This player is very picky about statistics and careful analysis, who does not trust various analysts and public opinion, but prefers to play according to his strategies, based only on his own calculations. Such players often like to gamble on stock exchanges, write clever computational algorithms and never reveal the secrets of their success.


Perhaps 80% of those who place bets are amateurs who want to try their luck, play along with their passion or just earn an extra penny for their needs. In short, everyone who understands the calculation of rates in different markets, understands what margin and odds are and how they are formed, can already be called amateurs. Such people pay a lot of attention to the bookmaker’s predictions from the tipsters and often depend on their opinion.

bet lovers

We hope that each of our readers found themselves in one of the seven categories of players and made a conclusion about what they should strive for. The main thing is not to fall for scammers and not to be themselves, and then everyone will be happy!